Trade Back and Upgrade Program

Over the last 40 years I have helping a lot of musicians purchase their first and second professional instrument from me. I have experienced their growth from amateur or student into a professional. My clients play in military bands, as soloists, are orchestral performers, band directors, university professors and private lesson teachers. I have a learned a thing or 2 helping them thrive.

Of of those 2 things, is that no matter what first professional clarinet you buy- at least from an education or pedagogical standpoint- it won’t serve you enough after 1-5 years. If you seriously want to continue to refine your ability to play, the first professional instrument you buy is going to be close, but will not be able to have all the things you need in an instrument to sound and play your best later on. How could it? You are buying your first one to really take a huge step forward in your playing and to learn how to become one with your instrument. It’s likely you are upgrading from something you struggle now to play.

Take my advice and don’t skip buying your first professional instrument knowing you will need to buy a second within 5 years. While some folks think they can just skip selecting their first professional instrument and go and purchase the most expensive thing they think they want or will ever need first, I rarely see it work. What typically happens is they decide to sell it in a few years because its too hard for them to play or worse- their ability to play has been diminished by it.

The purchase behavior that helps musicians grow quickly is this one:

Step 1

Buy your first professional instrument that fits you like a glove. New is always better than used. More choice. Fresher wood. No issue with a warranty or what to do if it cracks.

Step 2

Grow on your new instrument until it feels like you want more from the instrument and know that a new barrel, mouthpiece or reed can’t give it to you.

Step 3

Try new instruments that address what’s missing. Now with more skill, you will realize another 25% growth spurt on your second purchase.

Until you know what’s missing in your playing from your first professional instrument, you won’t understand what you need to refine in your instrument selection to help you realize more skill, control and naturally growth, as a result, in your self expression.

SeriO provides an excellent cost effective way to grow your skills and playing, while simultaneously affording you the opportunity to be prepared for the investment you will need to make in your second professional instrument down the road.

So while we won’t guarantee the trade in value we will offer you for your first professional SeriO, it could be as much as 80% of the purchase price with care.

We have already seen our trade back program and upgrade program put to use, and the results are remarkable. Parents and buyers are happy to not have spent so much money on the first professional instrument, but are prepared for an investment into a second one at a much higher cost. Of course the trade in value we offer you on your first, makes it less expensive and easier to manage the second. And that is the whole point. We want to help clarinetists grow. We see as much as 25% rapid improvement at the time of the second professional instrument purchase. We see often 50% with the first.

Upgrade with us to an even more advanced instrument when your playing has grown and is ready.