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Who we are

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop is a 18-year-old professional clarinet shop. Prior to becoming a clarinet shop we were a full-service professional brass and woodwind instrument store and had a repair staff of 12 across all brass and woodwind instruments.

In 2020 we decided to bring back our commitment to woodwind repair in the form of a series of repair courses for musicians seeking to increase their skills sets and for some, their earning abilities. Repair technicians are in short supply across the United States and the world.

We believe by increasing general repair knowledge-by growing repair skills for band directors and private lesson teachers and offering more advanced training for those who seek to turn it into a profession, we can help more people come to love music through quality instrument repair at a variety of levels.

Level 1 Guarantee

If you successfully complete Level 1, you will have enough skills for life to solve basic repair problems you encounter at a performance or to help a student in a lesson.

Level 2 Guarantee

If you successfully complete Level 2, you will have enough skills to be able to work on band instruments and earn at least $30 USD per hour.

Level 3 Guarantee

If you complete level 3 & 4, you will be a master level technican able to work on professional clarinets and saxophones and open holed flutes up to $5000 USD. You will be able to charge $50+ USD per hour.

Our Master Technicians


We believe musicians are pretty capable human beings, and have discovered in 4 years some of our students have become masterful enough as repairers to be qualified to teach our students. Not all our teachers are graduates of our program. If you are interested in our program, let’s set up a time to talk.

Flute Repair

Clarinet Repair

Saxophone Repair


If you are serious about playing the clarinet, make sure you try SeriO. They play like instruments that sell for twice their price.

Robert Blazek

~Retired Band Director

I purchased SeriO clarinets for our students and was so pleased with the sound and quality of these instruments. They really helped our students improve.

Don Nathan

Retired Band Director and Woodwind Repair Technician @

For me, the OscurO model provided consistency in sound in all registers, beautifully, allowing me to achieve my goals quicker in terms of controlling my sound and growing in musical expression. For me, SeriO is the Cadillac of clarinets for my needs.

Keith Schreiner

Adult Clarinetist

The two SeriO A clarinets we bought —from you right before COVID hit— are wonderful instruments!

Craig Rine

Affiliate Artist and Lecturer at Pacific Lutheran University