Learn to Play the Clarinet as an Adult Package




In life, whatever you do, you do well. And being more creative is more important than ever no matter your professional pursuit- so much has changed and will continue to.

Playing the clarinet will give you loads of new ideas. Blowing into a wind instrument, quite literally, lights up more parts of your brain than violin, piano, guitar or drums.

Learning to control your breathing will help you carry less stress and be more aware and present in the moment too.

Who knew the clarinet could do all this for you?

Fall in Love with Music

For $150.00 a month- with a 6 month minimum commitment– we will provide you with our most popular and affordable professional Bb. It’s all grenadilla wood and is our OscurO model.

While you can go buy a cheap plastic clarinet, or find a used better one, the reason we want you to have a new professional instrument as a beginner is because you will learn how to play much faster and will love it that much sooner. Life experience translates here. The more you have lived, the faster you will naturally learn- so you need something really good to start on.

What’s included:

Instrument and Accessories

Along with the clarinet, we will provide you with the basic essentials you need to get you started- 3  reeds, a ligature, mouthpiece, cork grease, a swab and a case.


We will also provide you with a virtual private lesson teacher.

We will match you with a professionally trained clarinetists who will teach you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for 30 or 60 minutes for a total of 2 hours of lessons a month. Lessons are included for the first 6 months. After that you can elect to continue with your private lesson teacher on your own.

If you don’t love playing after 6 months, we will take the instrument back. Otherwise you can continue on our $150.00 a month plan until the instrument is paid off in 18 months.

Online lessons have become the norm now and it’s as easy as ever to study from wherever you are.

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