Let Our Color-Ring™️ System Guide You

Lisa’s Clarinet Shop has been helping clarinetists advance more quickly for 4 decades. Our success has come from our ability to properly match the right instrument to the needs of each musician we serve. It took Lisa until just a couple of years ago to codify her system into something that can be visualized and taught.

We call it our Color-Ring™ System.

Each SeriO instrument we ship will come with small bands on it to identify the color and shape of the sound you choose.

Foundation of Sound: Dark (brown) and/or Bright (red)

Shape of Sound:  Smooth (green) and/or Big (purple)

Color of Sound:  Ringy (orange) and/or Sweet (pink)

It used to be said that selecting the perfect instrument was highly subjective. Not anymore with our Color-Ring™️ System. We have literally helped thousands of clarinetists all over the world quickly improve by visualizing sound and using it to balance their natural abilities with our color and shape of sound theory. If you want to dramatically improve and express yourself better, we can help. ~ Lisa Canning, Founder of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop

Use our Color-Ring™️ System below to choose what will offer you the right shape and color of sound for you to sound and play your best.



How To Use Our Color-Ring™ System.

1. Selecting Your Foundation Color of Sound

Every clarinetist has a fundamental shape of sound that is either dark, bright or somewhere in the middle.

Most of the time we are attracted to selecting an instrument that is the most like our fundamental coloring but it’s actually better to select Dark (Brown) if you have a brighter sound, and Bright (Red) if you have a darker sound. If you sound neither bright or dark, you should select models that have both bands.

2. Selecting Your Shape of Sound

If you want a smooth shape of sound pick an instrument with a green band. Instruments with green bands tend to have less color in their shape of sound but are super creamy and even.

If you use a lot of air and need something that will take all your air, select a purple band as it will be an instrument that produces the biggest shape of sound possible.

3. Select your Color of Sound

If you want an instrument with a ringy sound-plenty of ping- find a model with an orange band.

If you would like an instrument with a sweeter sound-smaller in shape- more compact and tender-find a model with a pink band option.


Veronica's sound blossomed almost instantly.

From unfocused to refined.

Michael made remarkable progress In just 60 minutes! Everyone could hear it too!

From Student to Sounding Like a Professional
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