You can go from an aspiring musician to a young professional but to do it you need the right professional instrument that fits you like a glove. It’s the very first step.

it doesn’t matter if you are 15, 65, or somewhere in between. Your development as a musician evolves from the time you start to the day you die. It’s got nothing to do with your chronological age. While life experience is a plus, your musical abilities pass through different developmental phases regardless of how old you are. It’s simply unavoidable.

While an aspiring musician has an emotional attachment to their music, like young love, it’s underdeveloped. They don’t yet have the musical maturity to express it convincingly or as effectively. What our instruments do, is help you bridge that gap faster. And isn’t that the whole point of music-making? To grow from self-satisfied to inspiring your listener? It’s the gift we give that transcends ourselves. That’s the joy of learning to make music.

For almost 40 years I have been obsessed with helping others improve. So much so, I developed this line of affordable professional instruments to make sure every hungry music-making heart can be fueled with motivation because of the quality of the instrument in their hands.

It’s about results

Our brand is designed to build momentum. Let’s make it affordable for more to do it and equally more rewarding.

If you teach students who have the desire to play, it’s essential they equally are inspired so they are willing to do the work to improve. So if you are someone’s student, or teach students, and really want to improve, you have come to the right place.

The potential to grow really quickly on one of our instruments is great.

I have already witnessed it literally thousands of times. I have seen first hand what professional quality instruments in the hands of a 15 to 65 year old aspiring musician can do. It’s absolutely transformative and yet far too often price prohibitive. Which is why I developed this brand.

Our brand is designed to build momentum. From 40 years of personal observation and informal research, if you purchase a professional instrument in 3-4 years you will want to- or need to- step up again. And honestly, this growth phase is the one that transforms most from ‘played for a few years and quit’ into lifelong music-making. (Again, my informal research talking.) Let’s make it affordable for more to participate for a lifetime and more rewarding and inspiring to do so.

But my first priority with this brand is to grow the number of people in this world who come to simply love music-making; and who especially come to love the clarinet.

My second is to help fuel faster growth and ability which can only happen with a professional instrument that fits its player perfectly- like a glove. N O T H I N G is better or works faster. It’s informal research I have done, but as far as am concerned it’s a fact.

Before you purchase intermediate instruments or 10 years old used professional clarinets, you need to try SeriO.

SeriO is designed to make it affordable to quickly improve so that more can participate and more become engaged and hungry to learn more. The trouble is when you purchase something in that intermediate category, you are taking away the fuel you need to significantly advance your playing. A professional instrument that offers all the colors and shapes of sound, like a rainbow, is what it requires for anyone to find exactly what they need to significantly improve the quality of their sound and flexibility. That’s where our Color-Ring™️ System comes into play. We teach this system through our ambassador program.

Do What Matters: Build a Stronger Music Community

I developed our Ambassador Program to build stronger music communities. Leveraging my extensive background in entrepreneurship, it made sense to me to create an engine to support growth in the industry as a whole, which includes our SeriO brand but not exclusively ultimately. I hope, and frankly expect, other manufacturers, to join us because I believe we need to get serious about working together on building healthier, stronger, more collaborative, diverse, and supportive communities to increase music participation.

Togetherness is a word we need to experience more of as industry insiders to strengthen our ecosystem.

We need to help motivate more people to love to play a musical instrument, beginning with the clarinet. And we need togetherness to help advocate for them to continue throughout their lives to participate in. Music is simply good for us. We need to make it more accessible for more to participate.

What’s in a Name.

SeriO means to Get Serious in Spanish. Those who are ‘getting serious’ about anything in life are focused on improving. This product line was designed to motivate aspiring musicians by helping them more easily move into the developing professional category with equipment that will encourage their growth.

Once their skills have developed, our instruments can be traded back- with care up to 80%- towards an upgrade that will come from a much more refined talent and will serve them so much better. We also offer a best in class warranty. If the body of our instrument cracks in the first calendar year, we will replace the entire instrument. In years 2 and 3 we replace parts.

Our clarinets have helped a young man get admitted to a top 10 music school. Our clarinets helped a music education student transform his clarinet playing to such a level he was asked to solo with the school orchestra. Our clarinets have helped young adults get scholarships at Universities to participate in their music programs as majors and minors. Our instruments can help you and your clarinet section, one player at a time, to dramatically improve at a price most can actually afford.