Eb Clarinets

The Eb “sopranino” clarinet is the smallest, highest pitched member of the standard clarinet line up. Originally created to replace the high trumpet, the Eb clarinet produces a high, piercing sound, comparable to the piccolo flute. Historically, the Eb clarinet was used in military and marching bands. Modern orchestras and wind ensembles utilize the Eb to support flute and oboe lines, and to express melodic passages that would be too high for the standard Bb clarinet.

The Eb uses a smaller mouthpiece and reeds, and its fingerboard is considerably more compact. While standard Bb technique may be translated to the Eb clarinet, it takes refined practice to develop tone quality, maintain intonation, and gain familiarity with alternate fingerings.

SeriO Eb clarinets provide an affordable option to make owning a professional Eb clarinet accessible to all, and are available in both the OscurO and ClarO models. All SeriO Eb clarinets come professionally set up, and are given our signature color-rings which characterize each instrument’s unique sound profile.