Are you ready to get serious about building your music community into one that thrives?

Two Questions will help us both know if our Ambassador Program is right for you.

#1 Does this describe you? 

  • You and/or your students are in need of quality affordable repair.
  • You enjoy helping your students select a new instrument.
  • You want the best quality you can afford for yourself and those you teach.
  • You work in a local community and want music-making to be a bigger part of it.

#2 Does this interest you? 

  • You want to build a portfolio career. You like the variety of working several different jobs that together are the perfect fit to support you in a music career.
  • You enjoy learning about and recommending equipment to others.
  • You enjoy helping others play better and have the patience to help them accomplish their goals.

If you see yourself in your answers to both of these questions, you might be a perfect candidate for our Ambassador Program. It’s a perfect part-time job for private lesson teachers, educators, repair technicians, and freelance performers.

To learn more, we would like to set up a 30-minute discovery call to discuss what we can offer and to better understand if ambassadorship will be a good fit for you.

To set up a conversation complete this short form.