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Ambassador and Repair Careers

Our Ambassador Program is a career advancement program and a community engagement program designed to create opportunities for you within your community. We seek to build a healthy, happy, psychologically safe, supportive and thriving network for musicians to collaborate with us and their local general music store or repair shop.

In order to help more local stores and repair shops thrive, we have built this program to focus on helping them attract more quality repair technicians, increase their repair business, and learn how to use our color-ring system to improve their ability to serve their customers locally.

Meet some of our Ambassadors

Click on any one of them to ask how they are building a stronger community by working with Lisa’s Clarinet Shop.

Maria Ortiz

Jillisa Anderson

Cameron Hewes

Stacey McColley

Don Nathan

Lyndi Knox

Jerry Weimer

This could be you. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, let’s set up a time to chat.


If you are serious about playing the clarinet, make sure you try SeriO. They play like instruments that sell for twice their price.

Robert Blazek

~Retired Band Director

I purchased SeriO clarinets for our students and was so pleased with the sound and quality of these instruments. They really helped our students improve.

Don Nathan

Retired Band Director and Woodwind Repair Technician @

For me, the OscurO model provided consistency in sound in all registers, beautifully, allowing me to achieve my goals quicker in terms of controlling my sound and growing in musical expression. For me, SeriO is the Cadillac of clarinets for my needs.

Keith Schreiner

Adult Clarinetist

The two SeriO A clarinets we bought —from you right before COVID hit— are wonderful instruments!

Craig Rine

Affiliate Artist and Lecturer at Pacific Lutheran University