Bb Clarinets

The Bb clarinet is by far the most commonly played member of the clarinet family. Almost all beginners start on Bb clarinet. It is regularly featured in orchestras, big bands, jazz combos, marching bands, and folk idioms all over the world. As its name implies, the instrument is pitched in the key of Bb. When a “C” is played, the sounding pitch will be “Bb”. This makes it a “transposing” instrument.

Bb clarinets are made from a variety of different materials, but are most commonly made out of plastic or wood. Most beginning students will start on a low-cost plastic clarinet, and as they advance will upgrade to an intermediate or professional model made out of wood. SeriO Bb clarinets provide an affordable option to help advancing students upgrade to their first professional clarinet, and come in two different models – OscurO and ClarO.

The OscurO model is made of grenadilla wood and typically has a lower or darker foundation of sound. The ClarO model has a composite top joint, making it resistant to cracking, and typically has a higher or brighter foundation of sound. All SeriO Bb clarinets come professionally set up, and are given our signature color-rings which characterize each instrument’s unique sound profile.