A Clarinets

The A Clarinet is the next most common member of the clarinet family after the Bb clarinet. It is most commonly used in orchestras, and chamber ensembles. Certain solo works, including Mozart’s Concierto and Quintet, are written for A clarinet specifically. Very similar to the Bb clarinet, it is slightly larger and as such creates a deeper and darker color of sound. Most orchestral clarinet players own both Bb and A clarinets in order to play clarinet parts written for both instruments. It is common for advanced high school and college musicians to need an A clarinet, especially when they begin playing in orchestral ensembles.

SeriO A clarinets provide an affordable option to help both students and professionals alike own their first professional A clarinet. They are available in both Grenadilla wood (OscurO model) and with a crack-resistant composite top joint (ClarO model)